Monday, November 29, 2010

Weigh-In | 11.29.10

So, how was everyone's Thanksgiving????  I hope that you've all survived the food...and hopefully, if you're watching your weight - you're lighter!  If so, comment and share a tip that helped you this year!

My goal for this past week was to lose, BUT, that didn't happen.  I maintained.  You know, I'm ok with that.  I had a great time with family and friends, indulged in some great food, and was able to get in some rest over the long weekend.  Good stuff!  I followed my plan pretty well.  I had some surprises thrown in, but, dealt with them fairly well.  I ate reasonably on Thanksgiving Day.  I burned over 1,000 calories before I headed to our dinner.  There was a sneak attack Thanksgiving dinner that could have derailed me, but, it didn't.  My dad sent me a text Friday evening and informed me of a dinner that I was not aware of.  It was the same day as my best friend's birthday shindig, and I thought, "Oh I'm gonna have to work out TWICE as hard!  It all worked out.  I didn't eat much there, aside from the desserts that kept getting brought out.....yummy chocolate pie, no-bake cookies, and then.............oh Nanny's peanut butter fudge!   I made it out alive with 1 piece of each.  Calories well spent.  I'm glad I got my work out in! 

So, here I am, the same weight as last week, recharged and ready to fight!  This season is definitely going to be challenging!  Are you up for the challenge???


  1. You continue to inspire me! I am five pounds lighter than when Tim left. That was about 3 months ago, so I know that's not nearly enough, but I'm happy about it. :-)

  2. Thanks, Erin! I appreciate that! 5 pounds is 5 pounds, girl - and I applaud you!