Current Program/Method:

I've been using MyFitnessPal for a couple of months, and I love it!  Basically, you plug in some general information - current weight, goal weight, how much you want to lose per week, exercise goals, and it will give you a calorie goal to help you get there.  You can log all of your food there - they have a huge database of food to choose from.  Exercise can be logged as well.  Track your weigh-ins, measurements, and there's a pretty active community on there to help & encourage you along the way!  Give it a try! 

Calorie Counter
MyFitnessPal - Free Weight Loss Tools


Basically - it's an armband that you wear that monitors the amount of calories you burn throughout the day.  It also monitors the amount of steps you take. It is proving to be useful to me, but mainly just to see how many calories I burn while exercising.  I haven't been impressed with the food-logging system, so I don't use it.  Occasionally, I will wear it all day to see what I'm burning.  I should wear it more than I do.  To be honest, once my subscription is up in November, I may check into a good heart rate monitor.


The first day I started this journey - I set out to complete the Couch To 5K program.  It's a 9 week training program designed to take you from couch potato to being prepared to run a 5K!  If that sounds like too much, it really isn't.  You start out alternating running and walking.  You gradually increase the running and decrease the walking.  I finished the program in October 2010 when I completed the 45 minute run.  I now LOVE to run!  It has been my major calorie burner! 

*If you have an iPhone, search in the app store for "c25k."  There are a few, but the one I used was developed by Bluefin Software, LLC.

Turbo Kick:

My sister-in-law introduced me to this workout in 2008, and I pretty much fell in love with it.  Turbo Kick is a high-intensity workout that will definitely deliver results!  I've personally burned as much as 800+ calories/hour with this workout.  I've witnessed my sister-in-law burn well over 1,000 calories/hour!  I always feel so strong after doing Turbo Kick!

30 Day Shred:

Jillian Michaels will bust your rear with this one!  It's a non-stop 20 minute workout designed to give you results - fast.  Personally, Jillian couldn't shred me in 30 days with this workout.  I have toooo much to lose.  However, I noticed a HUGE difference in my endurance and overall "fitness."  If you have a smaller amount to lose, give it a shot!  I'll bet she could "shred" you!


Pretty self-explanatory...one foot in front of the other - repeat.  iPod recommended. :)