Monday, July 25, 2011

Weigh-In | 7.25.11

I LOVE losing weight! :)

Yep...I lost again this week!  Score!  It feels amazing! :)

To be honest, I wasn't sure what the scale was going to say today.  I figured I would be down, but I wasn't expecting a 2 pound loss!  This past week was a little tough.  As I mentioned last week - I had Vacation Bible School at church, and it was harder to get those workouts in - as well as eat "right."  Fortunately, since the theme was "Fit For Jesus," we had a lot of healthy snacks around.  It was still kinda rough, though.  Most nights, the snacks weren't enough - and I didn't feel like cooking anything when I got home.  So, I had some random fast food for dinner.. 

Also, on Saturday - I had great intentions of working out, BUT, I vegged out on the couch all day!  To be quite honest - it was amazing.  I wasted away a whole Saturday, though!  I hate that!  I didn't eat very well that day, either.  Oh well... I made up for a couple workouts yesterday.  I worked out for almost 3 hours and burned 1502 calories.. :)  I'm feeling that today!  I love it!

I've really been noticing some results of my hard work lately....and it's super-encouraging!  I haven't been getting that for a long time!  I'm really hoping this weight will just keep rolling off.  In the past, I've always got stuck around the 250s....and then it starts coming off faster.  I don't know what happens there....?  So here we go....I'm rockin' this.... I'm excited - and ready to keep moving forward... I'm only 7 pounds away from my wedding weight!  It's taking a long time, but, I'm getting there!  In just a little over 2 weeks - I will hit the 1 year mark on my journey.  In some ways, time has flown by - but then again - it's dragged at points......

I'm gonna try super-hard to meet that wedding weight goal by then!  :) 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weigh-In | 7.18.11

Ok, so my post is still late, BUT, I'm improving.  Early a.m. Tuesday is waaaay better than late Wednesday. :)  I had this crazy coughing fit this morning, and couldn't get back to goes nothing!

Soooo, guess who had an AMAZING week?  ME! :)  No beating around the making excuses this week (not that I would ever do that...).  I did what I was supposed to do last week.  I ate very well and I worked out 6 days!  YES!  The fruits of my labor?  FOUR.POINT.FOUR.POUNDS.  BONUS!  :)

So, I'm pretty stinkin' happy about that.  I Turbo Kicked, walked, ran, played volleyball, swam & even danced a little.......yeah - I did a lot last week!  This week I've set out to be just as successful.  It's hard, though.  It's extremely easy to fall back into old patterns.  I did really well all day yesterday....but had a slight mishap with a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the evening.  I wanted something sweet.  I was eating the stuff dry out of the box.  Annnnd I ate a bunch of it.  I wasn't hungry.  I just enjoyed the taste of it.  Stupid.  I finally had to make myself put the stuff away!  It was odd.  I've been trying hard to pay close attention to when I'm hungry and when I'm not.  Yesterday afternoon at work - I hit that 3pm slump.....and I really, really wanted a Reese cup.  I didn't get one, though.  I wasn't hungry.  I ended up trying to curb the craving with a diet Dr. Pepper.  I don't drink much soda, but, this seemed to help.

One thing that has really helped this week - was getting a new friend involved in my journey.  I've been talking with my new friend from church, Sarah about fitness.......and we've got this kinda cool "accountability" thing going on.  She's signed up on MyFitnessPal, and we've been texting about this kinda stuff.  We've started sending random pics of what we're eating.....or just talking about it.  We're not judgmental or critical of each's just some extra support.  It's nice to know someone else is in this with me.  :)  She rocks!

Oh....and this week is gonna be pretty fun!  Later this week is Vacation Bible School at my church.  Wanna know what the theme is?  Fitness.  Healthy Lifestyle.  YEAH!  It's called "Fit For Jesus."  The church has developed the program themselves & we're excited about it!  I think it's awesome to be teaching children about living a healthy lifestyle at an early age!  Add Jesus into that mix....AMAZING.  Sarah & myself are both involved in the worship part of VBS - so we'll be onstage singing & dancing this week.  I'm still laughing about getting myself into this.......I'm so not a dancer.   However, I'm doing it - and I'm hoping to just be silly with it and burn some extra calories this week!

Well friends, I hope you all have a great week! 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weigh-In | 7.11.11

Blah.  Where does time go? :( 

Once again, I find myself apologizing for a late post.  This week is flying by.

So ok...I didn't hold onto the loss I was expecting.  In fact,  I was up.  Seriously? *sigh*
Not a great way to start the week.  Oh well. 

It was just 1.4 lbs.  Nothing horrible.  Actually, this morning I stepped on the scale and was pleased.  I was down.  So, things are looking up.  Or should I say down?  Haha.

That's all I have time for today.  I hope you're all having a good week! :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011


How's it going over here, friends?

Please again excuse my absence lately.... *sigh* 
I have a hard time staying I've been busy lately.  I jump on and off the fitness bandwagon.  I'll have one FABULOUS week, and then BAM, something stupid will happen - and I'm smack in the middle of a mediocre week.  I've just been coasting along the last week or so......but I'm still down.  On Monday, I found myself up 1.2 lbs.  However, I saw a low number I really liked this morning - annnnd I'm hoping to hold onto it until Monday. :)   We'll see.

Today I did something outside my regular routine!  I played some Corporate Cup softball!  Good stuff!  I was all prepared for a long day of softball as usual - but we were shut down by 4pm!  Bummer!  I was all ready with my Bodybugg - hoping for a HUGE burn, and I did get a good one - but just not as big as I anticipated.  In 5 hours (really three 1 hour games) I burned 1,337 calories.  Not too shabby!

In the last couple of days I realized It's been 2 weeks since I last ran!  What's with that?  I need to get back out there!  My left knee has been giving me some issues - but it's probably not a valid excuse.  The biggest issue has been time management....  The hour-long Bridge to 10K workouts have been hard to work into my week.  I've had some random things thrown into my schedule lately.  I really wish I could work out in the mornings.  That's soo hard for me!  I'll get back out there - probably tomorrow.  I'm having some thoughts of actually going back to Couch to 5K and working on speed.  They're shorter workouts.  The truth is - I can run 10K.  I don't really feel like I "need" to go through the program - I did it mainly for the challenge.  I don't typically run that far....but I can.  I'm just not sure yet.

I'm really going to work hard next week.  I've been thinking about my blog and how I can better use it to meet my weight-loss goals.  I promise to kick it into high gear and start blogging more!  And soon!

Take care!  :)