Monday, October 25, 2010

Weigh-In | 10.25.10

Ok, ok...I'll post.  I'm not exactly hanging my head in shame..........BUT, I'm down 1/2 pound.'s not that bad, halves make wholes, right?  Somewhere along the line I'll even that out with another half pound.  Hopefully that 1/2 pound will follow a bigger number.

It just kinda stinks because I had a few extra days to make this weigh-in a little bigger, but instead - it's smaller!  Boooo!  Oh well.  At least I'm down.  Believe me, it could have been worse!  I was TERRIBLE this past weekend!  TERRIBLE!  Haha.  The whole Monday weigh-in philosophy went right out the window.  Seriously....right....out...the....window! 

First mistake:  Failing to give away my leftover office Trick-Or-Treat candy to the shelter.  My slightly selfish, kinda brilliant plan back-fired.  We only get a handful of trick-or-treaters at my house.  Sooooo, I thought, I'll just take this home and use it for trick-or-treat night.  That way I won't have to buy more last minute on Wednesday....or Thursday - knowing me.  I mean, hey....I've given it away every OTHER year......*sigh*

Outcome:  Less than 1/4 of the candy I brought home remains.  BAD JO.  Well, Scott ate some, too. ;)  At least SOME of it is left, right?  Ugh.  Darn Reese cups.

Second mistake:  Going to my sister's house Friday evening.  Not really......I love my sister and her family. :)  Upon arrival I was greeted with mac 'n' cheese, regular soda, salt & vinegar chips (our FAVE), and dear Lord - she had one of my favorite ice creams (Extreme Moose Tracks) sabatoge.  Pre-menstrual Jo-Jo had fun on Friday night!  Haha.  Sorry for the TMI...

Outcome:  I had a HECK of a lot of calories to work out Saturday!

Postives:  I had 2 major workouts this weekend.  I worked out at Anytime Fitness on Saturday afternoon.  Sunday I ran a couple of miles and walked a couple more.  Both workouts were over 1,000 calorie workouts. :)

I'm seriously hoping to do better this coming weekend.  I will stay far, far away from my sister's house (sorry, and stick to program.  I am sooooo ready to be down an official 20 pounds! 

Have a good week!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Change Would Do You Good

Are you singing that Sheryl Crow song now?  Sorry if that gets stuck in your head!

I'm writing today to tell you that I'm moving my weigh-in day.  And before you even think it.....I'm actually down this week.  (I mean, come on, it's not "official," but I did weigh in)  My weigh-in will now take place on Monday.  I'm doing this to keep myself more focused on the weekend.  I've mentioned having trouble in this area before.  I'm always playing catch-up afterward.  I usually slack off and don't count my points.  I eat things I shouldn't be - and typically too much of it!  Hopefully this will help keep things in check.

I have to say - I have a great support system in my best friend, Laci.  We're both doing this thing - and succeeding.  She's lost 15 pounds!!  Yay!  We tell each other our weigh-in successes the day of, we email back and forth about the foods we're eating and the exercise we're doing.  We've been walking together on our lunches.  It's been great! :)  Now we're both changing our weigh-in day to Monday to keep us both on track and to share in our successes the same day!

Here's me & Laci on a little hike last weekend. 

So, last night I went out for a run.  I set out to do the typical 30 minutes.  I ended up running 36!  Nothing huge, but I went for it.  It was totally "mind over matter."  Since it was late, I just ran this flat street close to the house (mine has a huge hill) over & over.  About halfway into the run, I really wanted to stop, but even then I realized that my legs weren't hurting......the only thing that was bothering me was my breathing.  I'm still hanging onto a little bit of a cold, so I think that's the problem.  When 30 minutes was up, I was all the way at the end of the street.  I could've stopped then.  I pressed on! :)  After it was over I felt great! :)  I looked up the mileage later, and realized that I had run just over the distance of a 5K!  It was the first time since doing Couch To 5K that I had actually covered the distance.  :)  Woo hoo! 

Tonight I went to Anytime Fitness for the first time.  I'm trying to get myself geared up for the winter months.  I'm not sure yet, but Anytime Fitness seems pretty cool.  You really can work out anytime of the day or night.  I started a free 7-day trial today - and if you go to their website and fill out the pre-registration form, they'll send you an email giving you the trial.  They have a pretty good variety of machines.  It wasn't super crowded.  One of my favorite things was that all of the treadmills, bikes and ellipticals had built in TVs!  That might help me like the treadmill a little more!  I'm not sure if I'll end up joining or not.  I really don't want to join a gym - but I want to have options this winter.  I hope this winter is mild and I don't have to fight too much cold.  I really hope the "s" word doesn't come into play much.

Oh well - I'll be back on Monday with my weigh-in result!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Is Your Belly Growling?

So, I know that this is not by any means ground-breaking, but, I'm trying out something new.... 

I'm not eating until my belly growls.  Not little gurgles......You know?  The growl that you can feel?  So far, I have gone all day without eating.  At 11:30 I had the slightest little gurgle....but, it never turned into a growl.  Here it is, inching closer to 8pm, and I've had nothing but a coffee all day.  Crazy?  Pretty much - I've exercised twice today!

I'm waiting until I'm actually hungry before eating.  I mean, that growl - that's the actual cue to eat saying, "Hey you with the mouth......I need some food!"  After all, food is just fuel for our bodies, right?  Why do we focus so much on it???  I was talking with a friend the other day - and we both admitted that we pretty much plan our days around food....meal-to-meal..  I'll admit - I constantly think about what I'm going to put in my mouth next.  Constantly.  Food is GOOD.  Everyone knows that!  :)  However, I need to look at it in it's truest, simplest form.  FUEL.  To keep my body running properly.

The other day I thought about how often I eat out of habit.  I get to work...put my lunch away, and fix my breakfast.  Sure, some days I know I'm hungry - but, how many of those days am I eating out of habit?  Even after breakfast,  I'll sometimes eat a little snack.  Whether I do that or not, I'm counting down the time until noon - because hey...that's when I eat.  Dinner is at different times in the evenings - but, it's out of habit as well.  It's usually really close to when my husband comes home from work.  Habit, habit, habit.......

So, maybe this approach is a little extreme, but, I feel like I really need to get this feeling of hunger in check.  Sometimes life isn't going to allow this approach, depending on where I'm at, what I'm doing, who I'm with, etc.  I think it's definitely going to cut down my food intake, though.  It should cut out some unnecessary snacking.  Today has been a little on the extreme side, because I ate kind of heavier foods yesterday.  Isn't that crazy?  I obviously ate enough food yesterday to tide me over for practically another whole day??? 

I'm sure once I eat tonight (granted my stomach growls, haha), things will taper off and I'll be hungry more often.  I'm still planning to follow Weight Watchers as normally as possible, but, I just have to do this...........I want to know what true hunger feels like.  To get rid of the "habit."

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Weigh-In | 10.14.10

So...guess what?!  I'm amazed!  After some *pretty* careful eating the last couple of days, a great workout (finally) last night.... I'm DOWN 1.8!!!  Seriously?!  I was so stinkin' happy when I stepped on that scale this morning!  I was honestly hoping to maintain.  I'm not gonna pretend I didn't *know* what I was dealing with.  I know I've mentioned before - I weigh myself all the time...haha.  At one point this week, I was UP 5 pounds!  Not cool!

Anyway - I'm doing the happy dance!  After a few days without exercise and a little bit of being a sicky, I realized that this is normally where I may throw in the towel.  Not on purpose, but, the momentum slows, and actually going out to exercise turns into thinking about going out.......then to wishing I were going out, but I don't wanna....then to "Ohmygosh my pants are too tight!"  It's a week like this that you have to dig in a little deeper and act on those desires, think about how far you've come, and get busy! 

Last night I did my first C25K workout in just about a week!  Again, a little under the weather, so I didn't push myself TOO hard.  I stopped 1/2 way to stretch and then continued on.  I wanted to stop SO bad!  The last 2 minutes sucked so bad, because it was uphill.  I was determined, though.  I finished that run!!  That was all I was planning to do last night, BUT I ended up bumping into my walking buddy on her way out, so I turned around and walked all the way back around where I had just run!  Another 2+ miles!   Calories burned:  1001!  :)  AWE-SOME! :)  I felt great!

I'm so thankful for the success I'm experiencing!  I asked for God's help with this - and hey...He's been faithful!  :)  I know that He wants me to be healthy...and I'm pressing on to see this journey through.  I mean, why stop now?  He's given me this help - why be lazy and let the weight pile back on?  It'd be kinda like a slap in the face, right?!

Until next time!  :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Road-Trip Redemption

My sister-in-law & myself on "Top of the Rock!"

So, as I mentioned on Thursday, I went on a little road trip.  My sister-in-law and I went to New York City!  We went on one of the cuh-RAZY red-eye bus trips!  If you're not familiar - we left on Friday evening and drove through the night.  We were dropped in Times Square to spend the day in the city.  We were picked back up at 11pm and drove back home through the night.  Exhausting!  We walked ALL OVER the place!  I got my exercise in, but, took a toll on me!  When I got home, I realized I was completely swollen!  My legs, ankles and feet were soo crazy swollen! 
Like I said, we walked a LOT.  I didn't eat a lot, but, I had things that were bad for me.  I had 2 cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery (mmmmmmmm) and General Tso from some random place in Chinatown, and a piece of non-descript chain pizza in Time Square.  I wanted to have real NYC pizza, but it just didn't pan out. 

Once I came home, I slept and slept and slept.  I slept about 12 hours - was up for one and then went right back to bed!  I only ate once that day, really.  I had a Whopper Jr and some fries that my hubby brought me.  Then yesterday - I wasn't good either!  We had DiGiorno for lunch and Chinese for dinner.  UGH! 

So let's just say - I'm SOOOOO not looking forward to weighing in on Thursday.  It's going to take some major kick-butt exercise effort to redeem myself.  I haven't done anything since Saturday!  I'm sitting here now eating a salad from Subway - trying to take control back from my road-trip!  But hey.......I had fun, and I know I'm STILL in control here! :)  This week I will get back to normal! :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Weigh-In | 10.7.10

Hello everyone!

Today's weigh-in was a success!  I am down 2.2 lbs.  I'm so including that .2 in there, because, baby - it may not be a pound, BUT, I worked hard for it!  I'll get to that in just a second.  I am down SEVENTEEN pounds!  Oh yeah!  Can you guys tell that I'm getting excited?  I hope so!  So, yes, the freshman 15 is gone, plus 2 more! :)  If you all remember from my first post - I'd gained 30 pounds over the last year.  Sooooo, over half of that weight is off of me!  It's really exciting to see things adding up.  Yesterday was the 2 month mark.  I honestly can't believe it's been 2 months!  It's amazing how time flies!  Typically, I would be thinking, Oh my's been so long...I've only lost 17 lbs?!?  Not this time!  My mindset is COMPLETELY different.  I'm in it for the long haul this time.  Absolutely no turning back!

So, one of my goals for this past week was to TRACK my eating.  Every bite.  Did that happen?  NOPE.  Tracking is so annoying to me.  I've been noticing a trend on the weekends - I'm not tracking much then, either.  I have the running tally in my head, but, I know there are times I go over.  Thank GOD I love to exercise.  It REALLY makes up for the days I'm slacking.

This past Saturday was rough.  I had planned to continue my habit of working hard on Saturdays.  I've been burning no less than 1000 calories.  Before noon.  I had a major lack of motivation this past Saturday.  I slept in for the first time in weeks.  No problem.  Then I get up start looking for something to eat.  I wasn't in the mood for anything, except for the stupid Kraft Caramels that I bought for no good reason other than I hadn't seen them in a while.  So I got about 3 or 4 and sat down to watch a movie.  Then I got 3 or 4 more.  I kept going back for more - and guilt started to set in.  I knew how many points were in 5 of those babies.  All of sudden I had a brilliant idea.  I'll just finish off the bag so I won't have to worry about them anymore.  Heh.  Fortunately, about 1/4 to 1/2 of the bag was left.  Still ridiculous.  So I felt terrible.  What was that??????  Finally after my movie went off, my friend Chas called - and I mentioned how unmotivated I was.  I know she wasn't entirely serious, but she told me to get my butt in gear and be done with exercise by 2.  Finally, I pried myself from the couch and went to the track to do a C25K workout.  Then I walked 3+ miles.  Just over 1500 calories.  I wasn't too worried about the caramels after that...haha. 

Speaking of C25K, today I started my final week!  Final week?!?  I can't believe that by the end of this week - I will technically be in shape to run a 5K.  How cool is that?  I haven't been able to say that in about 5 years! Initially, I set out to do this only for exercise.  Now I'm thinking that I may like to run one.  Have I mentioned the one and only 5K I've run?  Came in dead last.  I finished, though!  Haha.  Not to make excuses, but I had been training for a 5K, and the week before - I got sick.  It was about this time of year, and the weather snapped.  I didn't get to run after I was well until the race.  I swear, between the cold air in my lungs and taking off too fast, I was sabotaged.  One of my co-workers is a marathon runner, and he was running that race.  He finished the race and actually started back down the course.  He found me and ran with me to make sure I finished.  Marshall rocks! :)  I can't remember my time (I didn't care about it at that point)...but I'm thinking that I'd like to try again!  Hopefully I'll be at LEAST next to last!!! Haha!

So, I'm going on a little road trip this weekend.  I'm kinda worried I'll splurge a little too much.  I'm saving up my extra points...and I'm going to HAVE to use my exercise points I earn this week.  Of course, I'll be doing a lot of walking, I'm sure.  So....we'll see.  I'll post some pictures next week. :)

Have a great weekend & week! 


P.S.  - Have I mentioned how much I HATE running on a track?!?!?!