Monday, August 8, 2011

Weigh-In | 8.8.11

Hold the phone.....yes...I'm posting on time for once!

I've sat down and made it a priority.

One strange fact to note about this:  I'm NOT down.  I'm actually up.  Yeah, I know.

I'm actually up a total of 3 pounds from my weigh-in 2 weeks ago.  C'est la vie.  I was a pig this weekend.  Admitted.  Caution to the wind..........ate what I felt like....and that was that.  Chinese (twice).  Movie theater popcorn.  Chicken fingers & fries.  Cheese dip & chips.  Yep.  IDIOT!

Done.  Moving on.  It doesn't matter.  The only thing that matters now - is what I do from here on out. 
Today went pretty well - despite poor planning.  I didn't have time to pack a lunch, but - I did ok on the fly.  I was under my calories today....even more after Turbo.  I just have to keep the ball rolling. 

Next week, a loss will be recorded.  Mark my words. :)

Have a great week!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Weigh-In | 8.1.11

So, it's Thursday already?!  Where does time go?

Yep...once again, life has got in the way (I almost typed "weigh." - Ha!). 
This week....................................I was up.  To be honest, I was surprised.  It wasn't a perfect week - but, hey - it wasn't bad, either - by any means.  I was only up by just over a 1/2 lb. (.6).  Still yet - it was up.
Being up ALWAYS throws me off.  Especially when it comes to blogging.  Hate that.  I've meant to do it.....but, just haven't really got around to it. 

However, here I am...blogging about it anyway.  I've been doing ok this week.  I've felt a little under the weather.  As of now - I've done 4 workouts in 4 days....with tonight's Turbo Kick class making 5!  I took two Turbo Kick classes on Tuesday!  That was pretty tough - but, my SIL just added a 2nd class to Tuesday nights.  It was an off night for me....I wasn't feeling great, so I didn't put my all in it.  I was seriously expecting to burn over 1,000 calories, but came out just under (964, I believe).  It was still a great burn!

On Sunday I started the Couch To 5K program again.  If you've been reading a while, you know I've already completed this - and may wonder why.  Well, I've been trying to come up with a good way to increase my speed.  I thought that if I go through the program again - running at a higher speed, it should get me all prepped to improve my time at the Prevent Cancer 5K in September.  What do you think?  Think it will work?  I've only completed one workout this week, but I'm planning to finish them on time.  Even if I have to run all weekend!  Ha!  I really felt that workout on Sunday.  It wasn't hard for me, but I really felt that run in my hips the next couple of days!  It does feel good to push yourself! 

Well, that's about all the time I have today.... I hope your week is going well, wherever you are! :)