Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Non-Stop Christmas, etc!

I hope each and every one of you had a great Christmas! I sure did!  Santa didn't bring me a lower number on the scale, though! :(

I'm not even gonna post an official weigh-in this week. I am up.  I don't remember the exact amount!  Things have been MAD! Ha! I have been going non-stop since Thursday. I'm sure many of you can relate. Baking/making treats, wrapping presents, family gatherings, church, church friends' gatherings. Yesterday I went on a little road trip to Nashville with my sister to get my niece (she spent Christmas with her daddy in Arkansas). Tonight we're having Christmas dinner at my mom's. My sister's kids were both gone this Christmas, so we're getting together with them tonight to have dinner and exchange presents. Tomorrow is Christmas dinner at my Nanny's! Thursday is a birthday party! Friday is New Year's Eve, and I've decided to invite a few friends over. I can't wait for the weekend to finally unwind and relax! Ha!  This week is going to be brutal!  I am glad to be able to spend plenty of time with family & friends, though.  I can't wait to give my niece and nephew their presents!

Part of me wants to just throw my hands up and say "forget it" until the 1st. However, a little part of me knows with a little more work and a little more thought, I can pull through this week and at least maintain! It would super-easy to just quit right now. As I have made crappy choices the last few days, that thought has creeped into my mind. I don't WANT to quit! I WANT TO BE SKINNY!!!!!!!!!  I'm just so short on time and energy!  I hope I can pull it together this week!  I don't want that scale to start creeping too far in the wrong direction!  I can deal with a few pounds.  I don't like it, but it is what it is! 

I'm still in the game!  I'm trying hard today to keep better tabs on my intake.  I'm drinking my water.  I'm going to try really hard to exercise, even though it's going to be extremely hard to fit it in!  I hate getting up in the mornings to work out, but, I think I'm going to force myself.  Hopefully I'll have time this week to check back in.  Wish me luck!  HA! 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Weigh-In | 12.20.10 (FINALLY)

I'm here...I'm here!
I did weigh-in yesterday, but wasn't able to blog. It wasn't good, guys. It wasn't good. I was actually up a 1/2 pound! Ugh. Let me tell ya, I was really pretty excited Sunday morning when I weighed myself. I was actually down THREE POUNDS!!!!! Yeah. I know. You're wondering, What happened in one day????? My best guesses?

Chili's happened.
Hard Rock candy & my sister happened (ha!).
PMS set in (Hey, it happens).

On Sunday after church, my hubby & I went to lunch with some friends. I have one friend who REALLY LOVES Chili's. Haha. As soon as the words came out of her mouth, I was like, "Crap." Don't get me wrong, I love Chili's! Ha! I just knew what could happen. I love chips & salsa. Like, REALLY love chips & salsa. I ate a good bit of them, but I don't feel as if I ate waaaaay too much. Hubs & I got the 2 for $20 deal - but, we actually boxed one meal up as soon as it came out and split the other - Chicken Fajitas.  I felt in control.  I had exercised pretty hard that morning.  I had thoughts of going at it again when I got home. 

WRONG!  My sister ended up coming over - and I spent what was left of the afternoon straightening up, hiding/wrapping presents - and I didn't get that workout in!  My sister brought hard rock candy with her and I found that stuff ridiculously hard to stop eating!  I wasn't horribly worried about it, though. 

After weighing in yesterday and realizing that I was up....I quickly blamed Chili's.  All that sodium.  Chili's is so good, but so darn salty!  I realized yesterday after wanting to eat sooooo much that it was about that time...haha.  I just wasn't thinking about being so close, and all of a sudden it clicked with me.  PMS!  Ugh!  Yeah, seriously, my hands are swollen like crazy and I just feel incredibly fat.  My wedding ring that needs resized at this point is tight today.  I don't feel like the woman who's losing weight and feeling great, ya know?  So, I have been chugging the water today.  I'm going to work out so hard this week so I can hopefully get this fluid off of me!!!!  What a GREAT week to be battling this, right????  Christmas!?!  In all reality, all of the Christmas food doesn't even sound good to me!  I was thinking of that this morning.  I hope that mindset sticks with me this week! 

I hope everyone is ready to celebrate CHRISTmas!  I'm ready to get together with my family and celebrate Jesus' birth!!  I'm not sure what this week has in store for me - so, if I don't show up again until Monday, I definitely hope that each of you reading has a WONDERFUL, MEANINGFUL, and BLESSED Christmas!

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My Little Apricot

Monday, December 13, 2010

Weigh-In | 12.13.10

My Little Apricot

Wow...I'm just barely eeking this blog out in time.  I started it earlier, but ran out of time.  I got caught up in making a Christmas present this evening, and time got away from me!!!

First things first, I'm down 1/2 of a pound.  Grand total:  29.5!  This week wasn't the greatest of weeks, but it wasn't the worst, either.  Eating was decent (at best), I suppose.  Exercise, eh...not too bad.  I made it out to my first live Turbo Kick class in over a year, I believe.  That was fun! 

I had a pretty good start to my week.  I ate really well today.  One area I have been failing miserably in is being prepared.  I HAAAATE grocery shopping.  I put it off, and put if off.  Finally, I decided to go yesterday.  I totally stocked up, and feel more in control!!  Speaking of which...I HATE when I finally go to the store after bout of procrastination.  I.WANT.TO.EAT.EVERYTHING!!!  Last night I didn't fix dinner.  Hubby & I had eaten a good meal after church with friends...so we just kind of snacked all evening!  It's like I wanted to try one of everything!!!!  I know full well I probably would've been down a little more if it hadn't been for that little "episode."  Ugh.  Ridiculous.  I am planning to go to the store more regularly now.  I can't have that happening!

I've been thinking a lot about my weight-loss goals, since I hit the 10% mark.  I would like to set up a little goal/reward system.  I have a few goals in mind, other than my ultimate goal.  Hopefully I can finalize them in the next week or so and post them for you!  I'm trying to think of good rewards to go along with them.

What are some of the ways you like reward yourself after hitting a weight-loss goal?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's a Blog Hop!!!

I love a good blog! Lately, I'm all about finding new weight-loss bloggers!  I've found so much inspiration & encouragement for my journey from reading them.  Over at Diminishing Lucy a blog hop has been started, and I decided to join in the fun! I'm excited to go check out all of the blogs! Go ahead, start clicking! Add yours to the list, too!

Hope you're having a great week!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Weigh-In | 12.6.10

Ok everyone...this is a post I've been nervous & excited to write.

First things first.  I'm down 2 pounds!  Yeah!  Grand total:  29 lbs!  This week's weight loss put me over the 10% mark!  Yes, I have now lost over 10% of my starting body weight.  That's the nervous part of this.  By admitting this, if you're decent at math, you now know my starting weight.  *Sigh*

Yes, back in August - I had ballooned to my highest weight EVER.  Two hundred and eighty-two pounds.  UGH.  My heart is thumping like crazy to admit my weight.  Ya know??  (We women are SO protective of our weight).  When I first started this blog, I thought I was 30 pounds heavier than when I got married the year before.  Recently I ran across my old Weight Watchers log from that time.  Um....was I off!  I had gained FORTY-THREE pounds in one year!  Ridiculous!  I was plagued with pictures like this:

Love my friend, but MAN...I was hating my fat face (for starters)!
I heart my sister and our goofy sense of humor.  Look at that double chin!  Yuck. 

The last picture is one of many that were taken on a road-trip with my sister.  She took one with her phone that day that made me realize how big I had become.  It was taken the weekend before I started this blog.  The one above isn't nearly as bad (but bad enough), and I'm glad I don't have the other! Ha!

So, now everyone knows where I've been.  Where I am now.  Also, you now know about how long the road ahead of me is!!  Keep following along.  I'm going to get there.  Wait and see. 

So, about this past week.  I honestly don't feel like I deserved the 2 pound loss I saw this morning.  My eating was way less than stellar, though not horrible.  It was a tough week.  Exercise was lighter than normal.  I'm experiencing a little bit of burn out.  The weather & time change has really made a huge difference in my activity.  So, I'm surprised the scale swung in my favor.  I'm very happy for it, though!  I'll take it and keep going.  I KNOW that kind of week won't happen twice in a row.  So, this week I'm going to pick up the pace!  Maybe.....just maybe....I'll go out and try to run.  Lord knows I miss it!  I want to test my hip.  It's been feeling a lot better. 

Well, that's about it for today.  I'm hoping to be around more this week.  I've missed blogging!