Tuesday, April 19, 2011

H2O Bottle

Last week I bought a new water bottle!  Super-exciting, I know.

I bought a Brita water bottle!  
Oh my word...it works.  I was surprised at how well it works!  
It's been helping me get in more straight up H2O than normal.  
I normally mix a lot of Crystal Light into my water.  
Since buying this - I haven't done that ONCE!  
Just thought I'd share!  

Day 2 of my 40 Day Walk With Jesus is in the books!  It was hard getting up this morning.
My hubby was off today - which made me want to snooze in bed longer with him.  However, I pulled it off just in the nick of time.  Tonight I actually went out for another run/walk.  Good stuff!  
I'm rockin' it this week... 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Weigh-In | 4.18.11

Down 1.2 lbs.  Not bad.  This week certainly wasn't stellar - by any means.

Lots of changes taking place in my life right now.  Nothing bad...but, my routine has been shifted, for sure.  First things first, I started a new position at work, and it's been quite a change of pace.  It has been hard to get my food logged like I used to...but, ya know, whatever.  I'm enjoying the change of pace.

Also new - my husband & I have changed churches.  Although we're excited about the change, there are more services to attend at the new church.  At our old church, there is a Sunday morning service and we also attended a home group (bible study) on Tuesday evenings.  At the new church, there's Sunday morning, Life group on Sunday evening, and Wednesday night service.  Ok...so, for a some of you - you're thinking, That's really not so odd.  I was used to that kind of routine/schedule at one point, so it's not going to be a major adjustment.  However, I'm still trying do all of that, but, I'm finding that my exercise routine is being adjusted as well.  Oh well, it's all worth it...and it's exciting.  'Cause God is totally in this whole thing.  Change is definitely refreshing. :)  At least to me, anyway.

With that being said.....look for a second post.  It's a kind of solution.........

Monday, April 11, 2011

Weigh-In | 4.11.11 (Short & Sweet)

I'm up 1.4 lbs. today.
I am not surprised.
I ate terribly last week (was sick & dealing w/TOM - if that's any offering of excuse).
I didn't exercise until the weekend.
It was too late...

Non-scale victory:  I ran 8 miles for the first time EVER!

Moving forward I am eating better this week.  I have already exercised twice today.  I took a 40 minute walk at lunch.  I went to an AWESOME Turbo Kick class tonight.  I sweated like mad & it was fabulous!  Ha!

Weight will be gone next Monday.  I WILL leave the 250s again by then.  Mark my words.

That is all.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Keep Going!

"Unless you puke, faint, or die - keep going!" 
~ Jillian Michaels ~
Today I went out for a run.  The weather was pretty good.  Warm - not super-sunny or anything, just nice.  Early on, I had a destination in mind.  I wasn't sure if I was going to reach it, but I wanted to try!  For those of you who live near me, I started at the state capitol (WV).  I was seriously thinking of running all the way down the boulevard to Patrick St.  Now, I wasn't sure what the mileage was, but, I knew it was going to be a LONG run.  Probably longer than I had EVER run.  I knew the mileage to a certain point, and knew I could totally bail when I got there.  It was about 5K (out & back).  Even if I did that, hey - that's still a good run!

I cranked my "Fee" Pandora station and hit the road.  I felt great.  I mean, seriously - I hadn't worked out AT ALL this week! I should've been feeling good...haha!  I've been sooo terrible this week.  Anyway, I easily made it to the 5K possible turn-around.  But.......I did decide to keep going.  I was feeling good... I had run up & down some steps along the river (for those unfamiliar - there's an upper & lower path), to dodge downed trees from all of our storms lately!  I was having fun!  However, at about mile 3... I was starting to poop out a little.  I knew I was hitting 5K - which is what I'm used to.  That's where the above quote kicked in.  "Unless you puke, faint, or die - keep going!"  I wasn't puking...obviously hadn't fainted or died....so, I kept going!  It was so hard!   I got to Patrick St. and was seriously thirsty.  I hadn't planned that part out well.  I ran over to Subway really fast - and a nice man gave me some water.  Awesome.  I chugged a few cupfuls and quickly did a Google map search to see my distance.  It was at 4 miles.  I wondered if I could run it back.  I knew I would be at 8 miles!  I thought that maybe I'd walk.....but I really wanted to run it!  

I went for it.  To keep myself running - I told myself - If you start to walk - you're going to run up each flight of stairs - TWICE!  (BTW - there's a lot of flights along that 4 mile stretch!).  So, I kept running!  And running....at Magic Island I ran all the way out around the island.  I didn't take the easy straight shot path!  I didn't take it easy on myself!  I was chased by a little yappy dog....and I swear - I almost tripped over that dog 3 times! Ha!  Finally some little girl came chasing after the dog and rescued me!  I should also mention - it started sprinkling at random times during the first part of the run - but kept stopping.  It was about this point that it started again.  I was probably a good 2 1/2 - 3 miles away from my car.  I started plotting stopping points........but kept running!   The sprinkling continued....and picked up.  By this point - it was pretty cloudy-looking.  I was about 1 1/2 miles away from the car when it started raining.  I couldn't help but think - Thanks God...that will definitely keep me going!  I don't want to get soaked.  That, and the quote kept me going. Finally, I could see capitol in the distance, and I just kept plugging away.  

It was NOT easy, by any means, but I did it!  When I got home - I mapped my route.  Sure enough - 8 miles!  Way more than I've ever run before!  I seriously feel great......and feel I'm already looking forward to running tomorrow!  Ha!  I'm so glad I stuck it out.  It's really cool to push yourself and see what you're capable of!  For anyone interested - I ran it in just under 2 hours.  Around 14 minute miles.  Not great, but I wasn't looking for speed today...just finishing what I'd started!

To some....this is not a big deal.  For me - it FIRES me up!  I'm already plotting... I'm thinking of trying out the "Bridge to 10K" training app.  I've looked at it, but didn't think I was ready for it.  Now I'm thinking it just might be time! :)

Hope you're having a great weekend!  

Friday, April 8, 2011

Slim Pickins'

Since spring is thisclose to actually "springing," I decided it was time to go skinny shopping again.  Here are some of my pics from Banana Republic & Anthropologie:


I love the next two items.  I didn't pick them
to go together - but scrolling through, I thought, maybe?
What do you think?

Back Porch Blouse

Sugar Work Skirt
Sugar Work Skirt

I mean, losing weight - I need a cute new pair of jeans, right?
I'm more of a shirt kinda girl...typically don't worry about pants...but, what the heck...

J Brand Love Story Petite
J Brand Love Story Petite

And, it's almost that time...shorts! :)

L'aventure Shorts
L'aventure Shorts

Confession time:  I have NEVER worn a bikini.  EVER. 
When I get that small - it will seriously feel foreign to me.
With that in mind - I couldn't pass up this cute vintage-y suit! 

Natalie One-Piece
Natalie One-Piece

This cover-up is cute!  :)

Brainwaves Robe
Brainwaves Robe

Until next time!  Happy Spring everyone! :) Hopefully it has "sprung" where you are!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weigh-In | 4.4.11

So it's Wednesday already?  Wow. 

Again, I apologize for my tardy post.  I really don't mean for it to happen that way.  However, I've been under the weather for about a week.  It's been kinda off-and-on, but it was "on" Sunday evening.  I lost my voice and felt pretty terrible.  I stayed home from work and finally went to the doctor on Monday.  I have laryngitis caused by allergies....who knew?  I've never really had problems with allergies.  Anyway, I took it easy Monday & Tuesday and decided not to post.  I did weigh-in on Monday, however.  The results weren't spectacular.  I'm up 1.2 lbs.  I weighed-in officially at the doctor at 250.  Boo!  Oh well.  Did I mention it was that time of the month?  Yeah.  No fun.  Sick...and that!

Anyway... I ran twice over the weekend.  I've been so busy doing Turbo Kick lately, that I hadn't made time to run.  I have yet to work out this week, though.  I was going to go to Turbo tonight, but, due to some pretty ridiculous traffic, I didn't make it home in time.  Plus, I'm just giving my body some time to rest & recuperate.  I'm gonna get back to it tomorrow, I believe.  Last week I had to cancel water aerobics with my friend - because of my sickies.  I think we're going to try again tomorrow.

I hate when I'm sick.  I mean, no one likes it.  BUT, it tends to make me throw caution to the wind and gives me an "excuse" to eat poorly.  I haven't been great this week.  At this point, I'm not expecting great things on Monday.  Maybe just maintenance.  We'll see.  Hopefully I'll start feeling better and can get fired up to move!  I'm tired of playing the slug this week.

I hope everyone's having a good week.