Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Weigh-In | 12.20.10 (FINALLY)

I'm here...I'm here!
I did weigh-in yesterday, but wasn't able to blog. It wasn't good, guys. It wasn't good. I was actually up a 1/2 pound! Ugh. Let me tell ya, I was really pretty excited Sunday morning when I weighed myself. I was actually down THREE POUNDS!!!!! Yeah. I know. You're wondering, What happened in one day????? My best guesses?

Chili's happened.
Hard Rock candy & my sister happened (ha!).
PMS set in (Hey, it happens).

On Sunday after church, my hubby & I went to lunch with some friends. I have one friend who REALLY LOVES Chili's. Haha. As soon as the words came out of her mouth, I was like, "Crap." Don't get me wrong, I love Chili's! Ha! I just knew what could happen. I love chips & salsa. Like, REALLY love chips & salsa. I ate a good bit of them, but I don't feel as if I ate waaaaay too much. Hubs & I got the 2 for $20 deal - but, we actually boxed one meal up as soon as it came out and split the other - Chicken Fajitas.  I felt in control.  I had exercised pretty hard that morning.  I had thoughts of going at it again when I got home. 

WRONG!  My sister ended up coming over - and I spent what was left of the afternoon straightening up, hiding/wrapping presents - and I didn't get that workout in!  My sister brought hard rock candy with her and I found that stuff ridiculously hard to stop eating!  I wasn't horribly worried about it, though. 

After weighing in yesterday and realizing that I was up....I quickly blamed Chili's.  All that sodium.  Chili's is so good, but so darn salty!  I realized yesterday after wanting to eat sooooo much that it was about that time...haha.  I just wasn't thinking about being so close, and all of a sudden it clicked with me.  PMS!  Ugh!  Yeah, seriously, my hands are swollen like crazy and I just feel incredibly fat.  My wedding ring that needs resized at this point is tight today.  I don't feel like the woman who's losing weight and feeling great, ya know?  So, I have been chugging the water today.  I'm going to work out so hard this week so I can hopefully get this fluid off of me!!!!  What a GREAT week to be battling this, right????  Christmas!?!  In all reality, all of the Christmas food doesn't even sound good to me!  I was thinking of that this morning.  I hope that mindset sticks with me this week! 

I hope everyone is ready to celebrate CHRISTmas!  I'm ready to get together with my family and celebrate Jesus' birth!!  I'm not sure what this week has in store for me - so, if I don't show up again until Monday, I definitely hope that each of you reading has a WONDERFUL, MEANINGFUL, and BLESSED Christmas!

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  1. I drool at the mention of any chips and salsa - seriously my weakness. Chili's has been known to pack a mysterious 2-3 pounds on me for 24-48 hours! I too am dreading my TOM, as it will be my first time to be dieting at the same time. Say a little prayer for me, so I don't eat everything in sight!

  2. It's the holidays. I'm sure starting in the New Year the scale will start heading back in the right direction. I know I need to start working out again. All this cold weather is killing me.