Monday, October 18, 2010

Is Your Belly Growling?

So, I know that this is not by any means ground-breaking, but, I'm trying out something new.... 

I'm not eating until my belly growls.  Not little gurgles......You know?  The growl that you can feel?  So far, I have gone all day without eating.  At 11:30 I had the slightest little gurgle....but, it never turned into a growl.  Here it is, inching closer to 8pm, and I've had nothing but a coffee all day.  Crazy?  Pretty much - I've exercised twice today!

I'm waiting until I'm actually hungry before eating.  I mean, that growl - that's the actual cue to eat saying, "Hey you with the mouth......I need some food!"  After all, food is just fuel for our bodies, right?  Why do we focus so much on it???  I was talking with a friend the other day - and we both admitted that we pretty much plan our days around food....meal-to-meal..  I'll admit - I constantly think about what I'm going to put in my mouth next.  Constantly.  Food is GOOD.  Everyone knows that!  :)  However, I need to look at it in it's truest, simplest form.  FUEL.  To keep my body running properly.

The other day I thought about how often I eat out of habit.  I get to work...put my lunch away, and fix my breakfast.  Sure, some days I know I'm hungry - but, how many of those days am I eating out of habit?  Even after breakfast,  I'll sometimes eat a little snack.  Whether I do that or not, I'm counting down the time until noon - because hey...that's when I eat.  Dinner is at different times in the evenings - but, it's out of habit as well.  It's usually really close to when my husband comes home from work.  Habit, habit, habit.......

So, maybe this approach is a little extreme, but, I feel like I really need to get this feeling of hunger in check.  Sometimes life isn't going to allow this approach, depending on where I'm at, what I'm doing, who I'm with, etc.  I think it's definitely going to cut down my food intake, though.  It should cut out some unnecessary snacking.  Today has been a little on the extreme side, because I ate kind of heavier foods yesterday.  Isn't that crazy?  I obviously ate enough food yesterday to tide me over for practically another whole day??? 

I'm sure once I eat tonight (granted my stomach growls, haha), things will taper off and I'll be hungry more often.  I'm still planning to follow Weight Watchers as normally as possible, but, I just have to do this...........I want to know what true hunger feels like.  To get rid of the "habit."

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