Thursday, October 14, 2010

Weigh-In | 10.14.10

So...guess what?!  I'm amazed!  After some *pretty* careful eating the last couple of days, a great workout (finally) last night.... I'm DOWN 1.8!!!  Seriously?!  I was so stinkin' happy when I stepped on that scale this morning!  I was honestly hoping to maintain.  I'm not gonna pretend I didn't *know* what I was dealing with.  I know I've mentioned before - I weigh myself all the time...haha.  At one point this week, I was UP 5 pounds!  Not cool!

Anyway - I'm doing the happy dance!  After a few days without exercise and a little bit of being a sicky, I realized that this is normally where I may throw in the towel.  Not on purpose, but, the momentum slows, and actually going out to exercise turns into thinking about going out.......then to wishing I were going out, but I don't wanna....then to "Ohmygosh my pants are too tight!"  It's a week like this that you have to dig in a little deeper and act on those desires, think about how far you've come, and get busy! 

Last night I did my first C25K workout in just about a week!  Again, a little under the weather, so I didn't push myself TOO hard.  I stopped 1/2 way to stretch and then continued on.  I wanted to stop SO bad!  The last 2 minutes sucked so bad, because it was uphill.  I was determined, though.  I finished that run!!  That was all I was planning to do last night, BUT I ended up bumping into my walking buddy on her way out, so I turned around and walked all the way back around where I had just run!  Another 2+ miles!   Calories burned:  1001!  :)  AWE-SOME! :)  I felt great!

I'm so thankful for the success I'm experiencing!  I asked for God's help with this - and hey...He's been faithful!  :)  I know that He wants me to be healthy...and I'm pressing on to see this journey through.  I mean, why stop now?  He's given me this help - why be lazy and let the weight pile back on?  It'd be kinda like a slap in the face, right?!

Until next time!  :)

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