Saturday, July 9, 2011


How's it going over here, friends?

Please again excuse my absence lately.... *sigh* 
I have a hard time staying I've been busy lately.  I jump on and off the fitness bandwagon.  I'll have one FABULOUS week, and then BAM, something stupid will happen - and I'm smack in the middle of a mediocre week.  I've just been coasting along the last week or so......but I'm still down.  On Monday, I found myself up 1.2 lbs.  However, I saw a low number I really liked this morning - annnnd I'm hoping to hold onto it until Monday. :)   We'll see.

Today I did something outside my regular routine!  I played some Corporate Cup softball!  Good stuff!  I was all prepared for a long day of softball as usual - but we were shut down by 4pm!  Bummer!  I was all ready with my Bodybugg - hoping for a HUGE burn, and I did get a good one - but just not as big as I anticipated.  In 5 hours (really three 1 hour games) I burned 1,337 calories.  Not too shabby!

In the last couple of days I realized It's been 2 weeks since I last ran!  What's with that?  I need to get back out there!  My left knee has been giving me some issues - but it's probably not a valid excuse.  The biggest issue has been time management....  The hour-long Bridge to 10K workouts have been hard to work into my week.  I've had some random things thrown into my schedule lately.  I really wish I could work out in the mornings.  That's soo hard for me!  I'll get back out there - probably tomorrow.  I'm having some thoughts of actually going back to Couch to 5K and working on speed.  They're shorter workouts.  The truth is - I can run 10K.  I don't really feel like I "need" to go through the program - I did it mainly for the challenge.  I don't typically run that far....but I can.  I'm just not sure yet.

I'm really going to work hard next week.  I've been thinking about my blog and how I can better use it to meet my weight-loss goals.  I promise to kick it into high gear and start blogging more!  And soon!

Take care!  :)

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