Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm Alive! :)

No, seriously....I am.  I know it's been a while. 
But I am alive and well - and doing just fine, thank you!

Can I just say - I have some awesome followers?  Several of you have checked on me...some more than once.  It really meant a lot to me that you care that much about a person you've never actually met!  Thank you so, so, so much! :)

The last month or so has been tough on me.  Only in the weight-loss realm.  I just haven't had my head in the game UNTIL NOW.  I can say without a doubt....I am BACK.  I'm ready to go.  If you've connected with me on my Facebook page, you've seen a few posts that have shown that I've been gearing up.  Man, it's been hard!  Last week I increased my workouts.  This week I'm keeping up with that AND focusing more on my eating.  I probably should have worked on that first, but, this is working for me.  Yay!  I'm back on MyFitnessPal logging (skinnygirlfreed) regularly.  If any of you are on there and haven't connected with me, please do so!  I'd love to help support you! :) 

So, when I really sat down and thought about things - I realized that a) I wasn't really watching my diet that closely and b) I wasn't exercising enough!  Some weeks I was only working out 2-3 times!  Some weeks were better than others, BUT, on the average, that was it.  With my diet inconsistent, it just was not enough!  So, last week I went a little nuts.  Well, maybe.  My sister-in-law added a 3rd Turbo Kick class to her schedule...and so did I!  I also went back to running.  I had been running here and there....MAYBE once a week.  Last week I started the Bridge to 10K training program!  I thought about doing Couch to 5K again, but thought I needed something a little more challenging - and I got it!  3 days a week at about an hour a pop - is gonna make for some great workouts! I imagine this will help my endurance for my next 5K - scheduled in September. :)

So...after 6 big workouts in 5 days last week....and eating *pretty* well, I lost 3.2 lbs!  I say I ate pretty well, but there were days that definitely could have been better.  I wonder what kind of loss I would have seen if that had all lined up as well?  Oh well.  I'm super-happy with what I got.  I'm aiming this week for a better diet and the same amount of exercise.  I don't expect it to be more than 3, but, we'll see.  Hopefully I can pull off 3 again!  :)

So.....now that you guys know what's going on with me - I can't wait to go catch up on what you guys have been up to!

Let's do this! :)


  1. So excited about our September 5K! It's going to be great! I'm glad to have you on my team. We can do this! I'm very proud of you! :)

  2. :) Welcome back! Good luck with everything.