Monday, May 23, 2011

Weigh-In | 5.23.11

Happy Monday to you!
How many of you feel like Garfield at most weigh-ins?
Man, I know I do! 
Current weight:  255.4

So, yeah - I skipped another week.  I weighed in last Monday.  It was my husband's birthday, and I was up a few pounds.  Blogging was the last thing I wanted to do.  So I kept pushing it aside.  A week flew by. 
Today...I'm up again.  Saturday, I was down 3 pounds.  I was excited!  Two days later, up.  So frustrating!  I worked out pretty hard last week - and my eating hadn't been too bad!
I hate weight fluctuations.  I know I shouldn't weigh myself more than once a week. 
I like to know where I stand, though.  Whatever the outcome, up or down, it typically keeps me in-check. eating hasn't been totally under control.  I'm working out quite a bit, but, not enough.
I don't have the same focus I had when I started this thing.  It's constantly on my mind, though.  I've never NOT thought about my eating or exercising.  Ya know?  I'm doing enough to get by, but it's just keeping me at the same weight.  Maintaining is a good skill to learn - but at this point, I am NOT wanting to maintain.  I want to lose!  I'm so stinkin' tired of being fat!  I really need to get my food log going again.  It has been really hard to keep it going lately.  We've been really busy at work lately....which is one main reason I've been kinda lax about it.

I've been tossing around a few ideas.  I've thought of going to a monthly weigh-in.  I get kind of frustrated and don't want to blog when I'm up.  It sucks...but it's part of it.  I need to just suck it up.  I'm afraid if I don't weigh weekly - I won't blog but once a month.  Not enough.
I've also thought about keeping my weekly weigh-ins and maybe posting daily.  Maybe posting a food log?  I've wondered if it's out there for the world to see - perhaps I'll be a little more diligent?  Probably the wrong motivation.  Whatever works, though, right???

Stay tuned for a post I've wanted to do for a while.  I may buckle down and get this one done tonight.  If not tonight - expect it by the weekend.  It's an experiment of sorts.........

For now, though....I'm going to Turbo Kick!  I'll punch & kick some of this frustration.


  1. Whatever works is my answer to your question :)

    Have a wonderful week. I've been maintaining the same 1-2 lbs all month!

  2. Hi Jo...just stopped by to see where you've been. I hope everything's okay!

  3. Hello, How are you? Hope all is well. Looks like you have been frustrated with the journey. I totally know what that is about. However, the benefits of staying on track are amazing! Keep pushing through, follow your plan, keep focused and for goodness sakes don't quit - ever!!!!