Monday, May 9, 2011

Weigh-In | 5.9.11 & Race Review

So, as some of you may have read from my sneak peek,  I am down 3 pounds this week!  Yay!  I wasn't expecting that this morning, but there it was!  Good stuff!

This past Saturday - as you may know, I ran the Susan G. Komen "Race For The Cure" here in Charleston, WV. It was my first 5K in about 6 years.  I ran the race in memory of my Aunt Debbie.  It was a moving thing for me to write her name on the "in memory" tag and have it pinned on.  

I had trouble finding anyone from my team at work (we didn't plan that well).  I found a place closer to the back of the runners.  Or what I thought were runners.  They didn't have a clearly marked area for runners & walkers (ugh).  There were both timed runners (with bibs) and regular runners.  I was in with a bunch of people who had on bibs.  I finally spotted two runners I knew - my cousin David & his wife, Sarah!  Once we were off, we couldn't run!  We were in with walkers!  Whaaaaat!?  I crossed the start walking!!!  I was so frustrated and mad!  I knew when my foot crossed, that my time was ticking!  After a few minutes of walking, I saw some ladies running around the crowd on the other side of the boulevard.  I squished my way through a bunch of people with lots of "excuse mes" and finally started running.  Unfortunately, I adopted the mindset that I needed to make up time, sooooo I ran too fast at first.  Annnnd, I wore out rather quickly.  To be honest, before I made it to the turn around, I was already worn out.  I wanted to walk SO BAD! 
I kept telling myself I could do it...  
I kept reminding myself who I was running the race for.
That a month before - I had run 8 miles.
Surely I could make it through this!
I didn't walk.
I ran.
The whole way.
My time was 6 minutes slower than my practice (46:17). 
But, I did it!

Here are a couple other pictures from the morning:

Me, my cousin David & wife, Sarah - pre race

We ran into some others from our church post race!  Yay!  
We're actually planning to have a church team next year! :)

Moving forward... 
I am already geared up for a road trip 5K in September!  My husband & some friends are going to D.C. to participate with our friend, Jamie in the Prevent Cancer 5K!  I'm looking forward to actually training for this race.  The weather has been pitiful around here much rain!  So hopefully I can get outside even more and train, train, train for the next race!  I would LOVE to see that time down in the 30s!  Time will tell.

I'm officially motivated again.  
It's time to kick this "junk" to the curb once and for all!
I hope you all have a great week!


  1. Awesome! Congrats on pushing through and running the whole thing!

  2. Every year they tell the walkers to move to the back, and every year there is at least one wall of people blocking the way for the competitors. Great job!

  3. Good for you for pushing yourself! Sometimes our body amazes us at what we are capable of even when our mind is screaming and complaining to slow down :)

    Good luck with everything! Congrats again for the 3 lb loss!

  4. I'm so impressed that you were able to keep running. I haven't really started running yet...maybe a little here and there...but nothing serious yet. I'm inspired!!!

    Congrats on the 3 pounds! You're doing great!!!!

  5. I'm running my first 5k on the 4th of June!! I am both excited and scared to death!! Way to go on getting it done!!

    I gave you an award today - check it out!

    Keep focused!