Monday, May 2, 2011

Weigh-In | 5.2.11

So, I guess it's time to face the music.  I'm sure some of you noticed I wasn't around last week.  I think that's only the 2nd time since last August that I've missed a weigh-in post.

I had a ridiculous week.  RIDICULOUS.

This week I am up 2.6 lbs from my last weigh-in post.  I did weigh in last week - and was up .4.  I wasn't even really annoyed or bummed about it... for whatever reason, I just ate.  And ate....and ate some more.  I thought about weight-loss.  I knew what I was doing the whole entire time I was eating last week. 

As the week came to a close - I knew today was going to be tough.  I will honestly say that the thought of ending this blog crossed my mind.  I thought of deleting my Skinny Girl Facebook page.  It gets tough to share all this stuff on here.  These weeks especially.  NO ONE likes to admit failure.  I've become a little bored with the whole thing........ even though I have a couple of new ideas for it........ time gets in the's hard!  I never had any real thoughts about quitting my weight-loss journey - which is great, right!?  I guess it's just the work that goes into keeping this up. 

On a positive note, I did work out last week.  Things could have been way worse than they are.  I did Turbo Kick twice last week, I ran & walked... I think I got in 3 great workouts - and a couple little ones.

This week is going to be big....this coming Saturday I am running my first 5K in 6 years.  I'm not really nervous.  I KNOW I can do it.  If I can run 8 miles....I can definitely run 3!  I'm a little concerned, though - because the last couple of times I've gone out to run - I haven't been able to keep it up.  I'm not sure why.  Probably just laziness.  Oh well, I'll get it together.  I'm sure Saturday will be different.  I won't let myself walk.  I'm hoping to pull off a personal best.  The thrill of competition will probably help. 

Well, wish me luck!  Hopefully come next Monday, there will be less of me!  Hopefully a more positive me - as I get back into the swing of things this week! 


  1. How fast do you run? Such as mph? I'm ridiculously slow and I don't want to enter a race until I can keep up.

  2. Hally, its not about keeping up its about being capable of doing it in the first place...I'm doing my first half in June, it will probably be as much or more of a walk than a run but I will be able to complete it. Right now i do about an 14-18 min. mile depending on if im walking or jogging.

  3. Good luck on your 5k! You can do it!

  4. I sure hope you don't give up your blog. Not only does it inspire others, but I've found it really helps me stay accountable and gives me a place to work through whatever I'm dealing with.

    Keep going and don't ever give up!!! You've come to far.

  5. Hopefully the 5K will help up your motivation! It sucks to get bored. I hope you find something to spice it up!

  6. Good luck with 5k. You will do great!!

    Keep pushing through...Do the hard stuff....Make things happen. You can totally do this!!

    Keep focused!!!