Friday, November 12, 2010

The Gift Of Health

So, I've been following a blog by a woman named Lorrie @ The Token Fat Girl for a while now.  She has posed a challenge this season.  To give yourself the gift of health for Christmas this year.  I'm taking her up on the challenge!  If you're interested - hop on over to her blog and see what she's doing to give herself the gift of health.

What does health look like to you?  What can you do in the 43 (yep...43!) days left until Christmas to give yourself that gift?  What changes would you make?  Be thinking about these things...I know I am.  I've been on my weight-loss journey for 3 months now.  It doesn't seem like it's been that long.  Things are going well.  I'm excited about my loss - and looking forward to future success.  So, I'm starting to think of different things I could do to further ensure that I give myself the gift of health this year. 

I could always eat even better than I have been.  There have been days that I don't eat enough fruits & veggies.  Most days, actually.  I love fruit.  Veggies are good, but I'm not big on them!  I like certain ones.  I've been thinking of trying a new vegetable every week.  Perhaps I could even sample some that I don't like and see if my tastebuds have changed (they do that), or if there's a different way to prepare them.  I could try some different fruits as well.  I think I'm going to take trip to the store this weekend and look around!  Haha.

Well, if you want to give this challenge a go - visit Lorrie's blog and tell her!  If you have the time, I'd love to know, too! 

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