Thursday, August 26, 2010

Weigh-In | 8.26.10

Today is my official Week 2 weigh-in!  I'm down 3 pounds!  If you're keeping score - that brings me to a total of 8 pounds! 

So, I have to admit.  I weigh myself CONSTANTLY.  Even when I'm not dieting (I hate that word).  I've heard you're really only supposed to do it once a week.  However, I pass by that scale and it makes me think, "Hmmm."  So I've been weighing myself at LEAST once a day!  Which means that yesterday I already knew how much weight I'd lost.  It was the same today.  RAWR!  Haha.  I was really hoping for another pound.....or two!  It's not a big deal - I'm happy with 3.  It's more than the "healthy recommendation."  This morning I was a little disappointed, though.  Oh well, moving on!  I know the things I've done wrong this week.

One thing I have trouble with is my evening meal.  I can do SO well all day!  I have my breakfasts and lunches all planned out.  I haven't been doing much extra snacking at work.  I pretty much stick to what I brought.  Dinner is harder.  I'm good at figuring out how many points are in what I cook, BUT, it's time consuming......and who wants to make the dinner process LONGER????  So, I've been kinda guessing a little.  No more!  My goal for the coming week is to either plan it in advance and try to figure it out, OR spend every little minute it takes to figure it out during the process.  It WILL be worth it.

I want to share a few sites that I like!  First off is the Hungry Girl website.  I LOVE her! :)  She takes restaurant foods that we love (and more) and puts her own healthy spin on them.  Click on her "Chew The Right Thing" tab and there is a whole archive of recipes!  It's great!  I have tried a few of her recipes - and they are very good!  She also has some books out, and is coming out with a TV show!  I have her book 200 Under 200.  And yes, that's 200 recipes under 200 calories!  I really need to crack that book and make some more of her recipes, since I'm in the game again....

Another site I've been using just about daily is The Daily Plate.  If I'm not sure of the nutrition info in a certain product, I just check on there!  They have restaurants listed and just about any food you buy at the store!  It's come in handy on those mornings I packed things for lunch and didn't have time to actually figure out it's points value.  Be careful, though.  Look first for the entries with the "verified" symbol.  If it's not there, check for multiple entries and compare.

Tomorrow my friend, Laci and I are going to get together and try to replicate a delicious wrap we've eaten at Salad Creations(Fajita Chicken Wrap).  Don't let those "healthy" sounding restaurants fool you!  Check the info!  I tried this wrap some time ago - and figured it was pretty low.  Uh....NO.  Even though it's a big one, it was around 16 points for that sucker!  NO thanks!  It's just grilled chicken, veggies, croutons, dressing and a tortilla!  So, we're only really going to tweak the wrap and the dressing.  That should take it down a LOT!  I'll post the outcome!


  1. Three pounds is awsome. Yay your almost to 10 pounds!

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