Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tales of a Compulsive Weigher

You guys all know by now that I weigh myself all the time.  Right?  Sometimes multiple times a day.  It's kind of silly.  There are times that I wish I could just hop off the scale on Monday, and not step foot on it again for an entire week.  With me, that just doesn't happen.  I have to know progress.  Am I headed in the right direction?  Am I headed in the wrong direction?  Is that meal I screwed up yesterday showing up today????   Even when I see what I don't want to see, it typically doesn't affect me negatively.  9 times out of 10, there's still time to correct it.  I guess it keeps me focused?

In fact, today was awesome!  I hopped on the scale this morning, and to my utter AMAZEMENT - I was down 3 pounds!  Seriously?!?  I was overjoyed!  Almost all of the holiday bulk is gone????  Wow.  I'm very anxious to see if that number holds, or even drops by Monday.  We'll see. 

Are there any other compulsive weighers out there?  How does it affect you?


  1. I'd like to say that I'm not, but I guess I could be considered one. I weigh at least once a day, but I'm like you. I don't get uber depressed if its not what I want, I just use it more as a helpful tool, like a clock. I need to know how I'm doing daily, like I need to know what time it is. I hope that makes sense. lol

  2. I think it's good, it keeps your expectations alive. I strive to maintain my weight, and can mostly tell what's going on by how my cloths fit. But when I'm striving to lose (after babies) I would "weigh in" several times a day. Go with it.

  3. I am totally a compulsive weigher and it messes with me baaaaaaaaaad. Like tomorrow is my 'official' weigh in day and this morning, as I do every morning, stepped on the scale before my shower and my weight loss is NOT on target for the week. So what do I decide I'm going to do? Burn a deficit of 3,500 calories today..... I have GOT to stop my daily weighings. lol BTW, I got a bodybugg and I love it! check out my latest blog.

    And congrats on the loss!

  4. I only weigh myself if I can do it properly - eg first thing in the morning after I um excrete everything possible, no clothes on, definitely no eating or drinking.

    I would weigh myself properly three days a week probably. But then sometimes I get curious about how much heavier I am by the end of the day...

  5. my scale is currently "hidden" in the closet. i weight all the time: first thing in the AM, after working out, after showering, before bed + random times throughout the day! i committed to going one whole week without weighing in
    and trusting that by working out and counting calories, i'll be OK. oh boy i sure hope so.