Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Record!

Oh my word!  I burned MORE calories than what this heart rate monitor is showing (let my friend borrow it at first)!  Ha!  Even if that was my total - it would have been a record high!  I had an AMAZING day at the gym!!  Grand total for the day?
Yeah, oddly enough - I was 1 calorie shy of 2400! 

I was at the gym for about 4 hours!  I started out working with my friend, Laci.  When she finished up, I decided to stay longer.  I thought, maybe an hour more?  That turned into almost THREE more hours!  I've been called insane more than once today!  Maybe I am?  I just felt really good today and decided to take advantage of the extra energy!

I worked out on the elliptical(unrecorded 374 cals), ran, did strength training, walked, and did some exercises with a medicine ball!  I feel like a beast!  It's great!

One thing that helped me was watching "I Used To Be Fat" on MTV.  It happened to come on, and I zoned in on it.  It was pretty motivating to see someone's journey unfold in front of you.  The added bonus was the trainer pushing the girl on today's show!  I found myself working harder when he was pushing her!  Woo hoo!  I'm going to have a "I Used To Be Fat" story of my own soon!

Oh, I mentioned that I ran today - I ran 4 miles!  I have 17 of 30 miles complete with 16 days left in my challenge!  I'm definitely going to finish this challenge, even if it's not the way I had intended to finish it!  Maybe.....just maybe....I'll win that iPad?  Never know....

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!  I'll be back on Monday for weigh-in!  Looking for a good number this week!  Fingers crossed!


  1. You're a hoss! 4 miles? I'm still choking down 2 LOL

  2. I am looking for a heart rate monitor. What brand is your and do you like it? Thanks Jo!

  3. Hally - you're funny! :)

    To answer Plushbelle's question, in case anyone else is curious: I use a HRM watch very, very similar to this one:

    I couldn't find the *exact* one I have, but this is pretty much what I have - same brand...same functions. :)