Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weigh-In | 9.16.10

Down one.  1 little pound.  So I've been a little annoyed and frustrated today.  I guess I was expecting a bigger loss.  Anything two & above and I would've been fine!  I've eaten pretty well this week.  I've exercised almost every day!  Some days more than once!  

I've had some negative thoughts today...about quitting...and I KNOW that's stupid.  STUPID.  Especially when I lost weight!   It's not like I stayed the same or gained!  Ha!  I just want to keep my momentum going.  As I've mentioned before, it's NOT easy!  I guess I'm to a little point where I'm going to kick this thing into a higher gear.....or get lazy.  I DO NOT WANT TO GET LAZY!!  I AM in this for the LONG HAUL! 

So,  with all that out of my system, today I read a little bit about muscle and fat.  Sooo many people say that muscle weighs more than fat.  NOT TRUE.  I love to bust people on that one!  Muscle or fat....a pound is a pound!  Muscle takes up less space than fat. 

Maybe I didn't lose much this week because I've lost weight BUT gained muscle?  I mean, I can really see it.  I can definitely see it in my legs from the running.  I'm wishing I'd paid closer attention to the body fat percentage this morning.  I just focused on the weight.  I have seen differences just about everywhere.....and THAT'S what I SHOULD be focusing on, right?  I've noticed some changes in my clothes this week.  That was encouraging... :)

So, this week's goal: 
Stay focused on the changes instead of the numbers.  I know the numbers are going to change..........I'm NOT giving up! :)

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  1. Dude your doing great. Just think of how many calories you had to burn extra each day to lose that pound. A pound is about 3500 calories and you lost 1lb in a week. Which means you burned about an extra 500 calories a day. That's pretty good. Keep it up.