Thursday, September 30, 2010

Weigh-In | 9.30.10

Yep.  I'm down.  Woo hoo!  I'm not going to lie.  I got on the scale this morning and saw 1.8 and thought, "Seriously?????!!!???"  I worked super-hard this week.  HOW-EV-ER, I AM down.  I didn't maintain.....I didn't gain.  We're cool.   I have visible results, and that's what really should matter.

Total poundage lost:  14.8! 
So close to 15!  Fifteen! :)

So here we go into week 8.  There are areas to improve this week.  I did NOT eat perfectly.  I don't want to pretend here.  I need to work on my fruits and veggies.  I get them in MOST of the time, but some days I struggle.  Typically it's because I'm unprepared more than not wanting to eat them.  I struggle with veggies more than fruit.  I love fruit.  Veggies - eh - I stick to the salad variety.  I don't venture out too much more than that. 

Exercise - If I'm not mistaken, I worked out EVERY DAY.  Some days my activity was higher than others, but it was up there most days!  I typically don't struggle in this area.  If I do, there's a pretty legit reason.  I just struggle with what I eat!  It was definitely better this week.  I was more strict.  I could have been better, though.  I do really well keeping my points in check through lunch and snacks.  I'm really bad about recording my points for dinner.  I always know how many points I have for dinner.  I just may lose track of what I've actually eaten sometimes.  This week I'm recording everything!  EVERYTHING! 

Hopefully next week I'll have the "Freshman 15" gone!  And then some! :)

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