Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weigh-In | 3.21.11

Argh - another late post!  I totally meant to post yesterday.  I usually post on my lunch on Mondays, but ended up doing something else.  So, I pushed it back until evening....and then when I actually remembered, it was just TOO LATE.  I was beat.

So, yesterday I weighed in 1 pound lighter!  I'll take that loss - although I was honestly looking for a higher number.  I weighed myself on Friday and was down over 3 lbs!  I was so excited.  I was pretty good on Saturday, but Sunday was a little different.  I didn't log my food, which was a tragic mistake.  Ha!  Now, I wasn't horrible...but, I wasn't great either.  My nephew's birthday party was Sunday - and I didn't plan very well - so, it is what it is.  It was a day of random snacking - with food that was hard to guess values.  Whatever....

In other news...................yesterday I was wearing a pair of pants that I couldn't get into a month ago!  Score!  Truth be told - they were tight on me Saturday!  But, I wore them to work yesterday - and it was nice.  Today.......... haha...I'm wearing a pair of pants that are TOO BIG!  They need to be retired, even though they're one of my favorites!  I'm glad to see these little things.  No lie - I'd really like to see the scale go down, but, hey... it's all about the inches!  That part is happening!

Last night my SIL debuted her new Turbo Kick class at the Brickhouse Cardio Club!  I'm pretty excited about this class - because I love the workout, AND it's close to home!  Last night was very basic - and I still burned 694 calories!  I can't wait for the full-out class tomorrow night! 

Well, that's about all I have at the moment... I hope you're all having a good week so far!

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  1. Inches success is way better than scale success I think. More fun anyway, since you get new clothes! Congrats!